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A real-time, multiplayer, 3D first person shooter with a fully editable world, all running inside your browser! Play with a friend or coworker for the best experience.

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A quickly hacked-together implementation of online pictionary, built with a custom word dictionary that allows words to be guessed in multiple languages simultaniously.

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Trains (CS452 / Realtime Microkernel OS) (2015)

A realtime microkernel based operating system for model train track control, implemented from scrach! Shown in the screenshot is the terminal interface and the track simulator, connected to the QEMU emulator running the kernel.

Basic computer vision was also used to discover the correct train acceleration / deacceleration curves, since the professor had a very Clifford Stoll approach to teaching.

Although started as part of a course, the course provided only a buggy implementation of printf and no other OS code. The emulator, simulator, and all OS code was written by myself and my partner, most of which was far in excess of course requirements.

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Gitdefence (2013)

A somewhat unconventional tower defence game based, in theory, around building distributed networks of towers which all learn from each other and share genetic/memetic information. In practice, the balancing is quite bad, and building one tower and quickly upgrading it with sensible upgrades is usually the best strategy, followed by "exploiting" the networking feature to clone it.

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WFDR / High School Website (2011)

Wrote the WFDR web framework to solve problems encountered while writing my high school’s website, with a team of less-than-perfect volunteer developers. Fault-tolerant and language-agnostic!

WFDR Source Code

HighRise Developer Website (2010)

After some real C++ developers came along to help out with OpenTower, I started mostly working on the project website, teaching myself some basic PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL in order to create the website for the new project.

The website has held together surprisingly well for no maintence in 11 years, but some bitrot can be seen.

Project Website Source Code

OpenTower (2010)

Wrote the majority of the code for OpenTower, learning basic C++, SFML, Object-oriented design principles, and graphical game programming along the way.

Source Code Revival Attempt (Failed)
Litestep desktop Litestep configuration tutorial

Litestep Portable (2009)

A fully portable desktop environment, built to run on top of windows during the Windows XP era. This allowed you to bring your applications, theme, desktop background + icons, and files with you from computer to computer on a thumb drive.

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